Rally: “Solidarity instead of nationalism” on 05/07/19 in Bielefeld

On May 7, 2019, it’s the first anniversary of the detention of the Holocaustleugnerin Ursula Haverbeck in Bielefeld.

The neo-Nazi party “The Rights” had announced a rally at the jail in Bielefeld-Quelle for this day. Haverbeck is the top candidate for the European election of “Die Rechte” and has operated for decades the now-banned neo-Nazi training center “Collegium Humanum” in Vlotho in East-Westphalia.

The anti-fascist Alliance Bielefeld took the repeated appearance of the neo-Nazis in Bielefeld as a reason to conduct a demonstration through the city center.

Under the motto “Solidarity instead of Nationalism – Against a Europe of Fatherlands”, it was discussed how representatives of nationalist and right-wing parties throughout Europe are trying to increase their influence.

The anti-fascist demonstration, attended by over 400 people, ended at the Jahnplatz.

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